Employee Film

Employee of
the month


Employee of The Month was shot, guerilla style, on 16 mm Kodak film in October 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria over 3 days and across 5 locations. The crew size was roughly 20 people. The cars of producers and actors served as our production office, wardrobe space, and make up trailer. Post-production occurred in Nigeria, Germany, Mexico, and USA and was completed in March 2022.

This film was incredibly difficult to make, not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the uncontrolled environment we shot in. Even though we had permits for some of our locations, nothing ever goes according to script in Lagos; Area Boys (local touts) often disrupted our shoots to solicit (not nicely) cash with threats of stopping production. This led to even longer hours on set, and a tired cast and crew, amongst other things.

From start to finish, this film has felt like the perfect fit. No matter the challenges we faced (and there were many), the pieces always came together in the end. It undoubtedly had this “it was meant to be” feeling. I am extremely proud of this film, but even more proud of my wonderful cast and crew and everyone who came together to create this ode to the victims of the EndSARS protests. We will never forget.

Sincere thanks to Arri, CineOne. Cinegrell Berlin, Kodak Film, Light Iron, and Lidya Nigeria.

Behind the scenes